Prod++[3]: Leaner Search Using DuckDuckGo !Bangs

August 21, 2020    Productivity Search

In this mini-series I will walk you through some habits I replaced in recent times, which have shown to pay off and make me a more productive programmer/power-user of my computer. All these changes should be easy to gradually adopt, so I would highly recommend checking them out. If you’ve any suggestions ☝️ or improvements ✍️, then email me at or reach out using any of the social media listed here.

Prod++[3]: Leaner Search Using DuckDuckGo !Bangs

DuckDuckGo is often advocated as the privacy preserving alternative for Google. Besides protecting your privacy it also has a really cool feature called Bangs, which acts as a shortcut to query some commonly used websites.

Bangs work by prefixing your search query with a ! followed by a short code to identify which website you would like to query. To give some examples:

I hope these examples give you a feel on how you can simplify querying specific services to find what you need faster.

You can find more about Bangs, including a list of all available Bangs, on DuckDuckGo’s website.